Welcome to Anglican Family Hub.

This site was created as an attempt to build community and nurture faith while regular church services are suspended.

Here, you will find resources on entertaining your kids while they’re out of school, on nurturing faith in little ones, as well as our virtual youth- and kid-ministry events and videos.

You can also find our social media Hub here: Anglican Family Hub.

Latest from the Blog

Z with a ball launcher

Sunday School Craft: Jesus Gives His Disciples Power

This week, we’re talking about Matthew 9:35-10:8, where Jesus gives his disciples instructions to go out and heal the sick, raise the dead, and proclaim the kingdom of God. Our craft for this week is a cardboard tube ball launcher. Just like this ball launcher gives your pom poms (or cotton balls or tin foil […]

2 doves above a cross

Sunday School Craft | John 14: Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit

This week for virtual Sunday school, we are talking about Jesus’ promise to send the Holy Spirit to his disciples once he leaves them. In the Gospel of John (John 14: 15-24), we see Jesus tell his disciples that he is going to leave them, but he promises to send the Holy Spirit to come […]

Easter eggs and scavenger hunt cards

Christ-Centered Easter Egg Hunt

With regular church services suspended during the Easter season this year, you may be left wondering how to make Jesus the center of your Easter celebrations if you don’t have ‘real’ church. We came up with this Christ-centered Easter scavenger hunt to help your kids tell the story of Easter as they hunt for candy. […]