Welcome to Anglican Family Hub.

This site was created as an attempt to build community and nurture faith while regular church services are suspended.

Here, you will find resources on entertaining your kids while they’re out of school, on nurturing faith in little ones, as well as our virtual youth- and kid-ministry events and videos.

You can also find our social media Hub here: Anglican Family Hub.

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sheep, stable, and a llama

Building Faith Activity: The Story of the Lost Sheep with Lego

Building a Bible story with Lego is a great way to engage kids in Scripture. The goal of this activity is to tell a story and ask the kids some questions about the story. While you are doing this, encourage them to build something that catches their attention from the story. This is the story […]

woman's arms in sunlight

Sabbath-ing with Small Kids

This past week, I attempted a silent retreat social-distancing + stay-at-home-mom style: trying to find silence and sabbath while still cooking, cleaning, teaching, entertaining, and refereeing kids.  What I found, in my silence-amidst-noise experiment, was a stillness that I didn’t expect in a place where I didn’t expect to find it. — For Lent this […]

Losing your village and raising a child

Ok folks, grab a coffee (or something stronger), and settle in with me, because I think we all need to talk about this: being at home 24/7 with a toddler without access to family supports is really, really hard. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kiddo, like miss-him-when-I-don’t-see-him-for-hours kind of love him, but having […]